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[119] Week 4: New Orleans Saints coaches film review

Bad referee performance and poor game planning characterize this loss to the New Orleans Saints. The referees missed a total of nine calls or non-calls that cost the Buccaneers. The game plan concocted by the coaching staff fell flat, from … Continue reading

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[080] Buccaneers Observer NFL Leadership Conference

What does a leader in a locker room look like? Many Bucs fans probably don’t remember, with the recent era encompassing the Kellen Winslows and Josh Freemans. Join us for the Buccaneers Observer NFL Leadership Conference, featuring Tom Brady, Von … Continue reading

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Rick Stroud “reports” Gerald McCoy will return to the Bucs next season

Twitter is in a frenzy today with news that Gerald McCoy will be returning to the Buccaneers next season, courtesy of an article written by Rick Stroud entitled: “Why Gerald Mccoy will return for a 10th season with the Bucs.” … Continue reading

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Who lost the Bucs the game against da Bears in Week 4? We’ll tell you in this week’s podcast! (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t Mike Smith.)

In this podcast, Molly and Ralph discuss what we saw on the all-22 that led us to believe that it was not necessarily Mike Smith’s play-calling that lost us the game.

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