[080] Buccaneers Observer NFL Leadership Conference

What does a leader in a locker room look like? Many Bucs fans probably don’t remember, with the recent era encompassing the Kellen Winslows and Josh Freemans. Join us for the Buccaneers Observer NFL Leadership Conference, featuring Tom Brady, Von Miller, Peyton Manning, Luke Kuechly and Richard Sherman. Have we found leadership potential in Jameis Winston and Beau Allen? We find valuable insight in the Joe Bucs Fan comment sections. How hard did Jenna Laine journalism this week? We explore Bruce Arians’ mental games and discipline problems during his tenure at Arizona. Mike Evans restructures to create cap room. What is Bruce Arians doing with the secondary? A new theory. We argue the merits of Tony Romo, broadcaster v. Tony Romo, quarterback. The Bucs’ second favorite journeyman quarterback Josh McCown retires.

Buccaneers Observer
Buccaneers Observer
Buccaneers Observer

This is the official feed for BuccaneersObserver.com's three times per week podcast. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and on special occasions when there is breaking news, Ralph Phillips and Molly Bay will discuss the latest Tampa Bay Buccaneers football news, events, and personalities. We try to cover everything Buccaneers related to make this the best Buccaneers podcast. During the season, Ralph breaks down the game film for every game, giving you a deeper look into what really happened on the field.

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