[064] Suh vs. McCoy, rookie mini-camp, psychological soap box about Buccaneers culture, and more

Some rookies have been signed, but not all, and now it is time for them to shine at this weekend’s rookie mini-camp. According to the stats, is Suh better than McCoy? Ralph breaks out his soap box and “Ouija Board Theory” to explain why seeing the positives with the Bucs is better than looking for blame. Molly slogs through some more coach interviews, and applies the Bright Spots Theory to the Buccaneers. Ralph debunks the notion that we have a hole at right guard. Jameis Winston decides that his head is not that important and is best used for party tricks. Devin White surprises everyone with a number change. Find out which reporter has been covering the Bucs since Molly was in diapers.

Buccaneers Observer
Buccaneers Observer
Buccaneers Observer

This is the official feed for BuccaneersObserver.com's three times per week podcast. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and on special occasions when there is breaking news, Ralph Phillips and Molly Bay will discuss the latest Tampa Bay Buccaneers football news, events, and personalities. We try to cover everything Buccaneers related to make this the best Buccaneers podcast. During the season, Ralph breaks down the game film for every game, giving you a deeper look into what really happened on the field.

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