Mums the word when it comes to Tampa’s quarterback situation

It appears when Head Coach Lovie Smith said he would discuss the quarterback situation on Wednesday, what he meant was he would mention that yes, indeed, Tampa Bay does have at least one quarterback but fans would still be in the dark as to who is starting this Sunday against the Vikings until further notice.

Smith’s statement regarding the starting quarterback included:

“We don’t have a quarterback controversy.”

“Our quarterback situation has been strengthened with Josh [McCown] coming back. Beyond that we realize what’s at stake. The break helped an awful lot.”

“We’ll see how the week goes. As soon as Josh, we feel like he’s fully ready to play he’ll have a role with us.”

Smith rebuffed the notion that a quarterback controversy existed in Tampa given that no starter has been named.

“I don’t see it that way all. Guys know where they stand in the rotation that we have.”

At the rate this revelation is going, it seems there is a possibility the starter, whomever Lovie names, will be wearing a paper bag over his face on Sunday to maintain this shroud of mystery.

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