[138] Indianapolis Colts instant reaction

Buccaneers claim victory in a roller coaster ride to which Bucs fans have become accustomed. Jameis Winston started off the game with an interception, followed in the next drive by an Ogunbowale fumble. But that didn’t keep the offense down. Neither did the pick six late in the second quarter. Or the loss of Mike Evans. The boys persevered, putting up 38 points. The defense helped, and although they only clocked one sack on the stat sheet (shared by Shaq Barrett and William Gholston), they put heavy pressure on Brissett all day. Devin White shows why he was a top-5 draft pick with a forced fumble, which was recovered by Mike Edwards. Winston sat out a series with a fracture in his hand, allowing Ryan Griffin to get his first regular season snaps. Winston powered through the injury for the remainder of the game.

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