[061] Dat culture change tho

Ralph digs up the winners of the 2018 draft and compares it to their actual performance (spoiler: it’s not good). Booger McFarland is moving on from the Booger cart to bigger and better things. We’ll complain about another Bucs beat reporter. In a change of pace, we contemplate the merits of the Bucs uniforms. Peyton Barber completes his degree. We get to know the robust Bucs staff this week as the assistants take the podium. Find out what Harold Goodwin thinks about the CBA, Pro Bowl voting, and what kind of leader Jameis is. Evan Smith becomes a translator. Plus, Goodie divulges why Kappa probably won’t be making a play for left tackle. Byron Leftwich asks for complete honesty from Jameis. Molly has an epiphany and contemplates what this vague “culture change” thing could mean.

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