[050] It’s our 50th episode and all Ralph got me was this podcast

Ralph catches up on the life and times of Ricky Williams. We recount Will Gholston’s fluctuating waist line and the man-handling the Buccaneers endured at the hands of Shaq Barrett in 2016. Our pirate angel Chris Conte, current free agent, represents the Bucs at a charity event. Roy Cummings and the Joes argue semantics this week. With the departure of Leonard Wester, we recall the performance of the offensive line under George Warhop. We debate the merits of tablets over books as Ralph and Molly take on Bruce Arians’ book, “The Quarterback Whisperer”. Dexter Jackson will announce the Buccaneers’ third round pick, and we ponder the best moment in the life of a football player. The Bucs make another free agent signing with DT Nick Thurman. Ralph and Molly experience amnesia as they discuss Hardknocks. Who is handsier: Mike Evans or Julio Jones? We discuss! Molly shops on Buccaneers.com and Ralph catches up on, you guessed it… the Buccaneers cheerleader tryouts!

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