G. Johnson and Dean signed, Tynes sues, Preseason schedule

Lawrence Tynes sues Bucs for $20 million

Former Buccaneers kicker Lawrence Tynes is suing the Buccaneers organization for its handling of the MRSA situation in Tampa. Tynes was signed by the team in 2013 but never actually kicked for the team due to the infection. The lawsuit alleges the team concealed the outbreak of the infection in its facilities and that the facilities and equipment were not properly sterilized. Tynes is seeking $20 million in damages, alleging he would have earned it had his career not ended because of the infection.




Lions and Bucs settle dispute over Johnson

Defensive end George Johnson is making his way back to Tampa after all. The Buccaneers made Johnson a three-year 9 million dollar offer. Because he was a restricted free agent, Johnson’s 2014 team, the Detroit Lions, had five days to match the Buccaneers offer. The Lions disputed the offer because of several de-escalator clauses that could drop the deal from 9 million dollars to 7 million dollars. The Lions sought clarification from an arbitrator on whether they could match the deal with just 7 million dollars instead of 9 million. However, they have now dropped their dispute and agreed to a trade with the Buccaneers. The Lions will receive a 5th round pick from the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers will get Johnson and a 7th round pick. Johnson began his career in Tampa but played sparingly. Last season with the Detroit Lions was his best year yet, where he recorded six sacks, 29 tackles and one pass defense.


Bucs sign special teams specialist Larry Dean

Former Vikings linebacker Larry Dean will rejoin Leslie Frazier in Tampa this year. Dean was undrafted in 2011 but was signed by Frazier while he was the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. He appeared in all 48 games on special teams under Frazier. Dean was waived in 2014 by Vikings present head coach Mike Zimmer. In 2014 Dean played for the Buffalo Bills, appearing in 13 games on special teams. He has never started a game in the NFL.



Bucs release preseason schedule

The NFL has released preseason schedules. The Buccaneers will play week 1 at Minnesota; week 2 at home versus Cincinnati; week 3 at home versus Cleveland; and week 4 at Miami. The week 2 game against Cincinnati will be featured on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. The week 4 matchup against Miami may feature former Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman should he make the Dolphins’ roster.




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