[141] Detroit Lions Instant Reaction

Another victory for the Buccaneers! The offense got off to a hot start after Jameis Winston’s initial interception, and the Buccaneers defense stuffed the Lions for much of the first quarter. Detroit staged a near-comeback in the second half, triggering the PTSD of Bucs fans worldwide. But this is the new Bucs, and we don’t lost those games. A Sean Murphy-Bunting pick six was the final nail in the coffin. The Buccaneers defense, however, never took their foot off the throttle, with Lavonte David forcing a fumble the very next Lions offensive possession that was picked up by Devin White. Jameis Winston answered the debate of whether Mike Evans makes him look like a great passer – after losing Mike Evans, then Scotty Miller and Chris Godwin, Jameis still managed to have a record-shattering game. Hitting 11 different receivers all game, Jameis became the first player in NFL history to have two consecutive 450+ games. And he did it with a broken thumb and without his two stud receivers. Ryan Jensen sustains an injury and He. Gets. Angry.

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