[2014] Preseason [preview] Dolphins @ Bucs

The offensive line problems with the Dolphins was well documented last year. With a scandal midway through the season that saw a lineman quit the team and another suspended for being a meany, the Fins are another team like us and the Jaguars who have retooled their front five. Unlike the Bucs and Fins, who decided to populate their line with inexperienced lineman, the Dolphins went with tried and true veterans. Continue reading

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[2014] Preseason [Week 1] Review Bucs @ Jaguars

In most preseason games, especially the first one after months of no football, fans are eager to see their team’s shiny new weapons in action. In the case of the Buccaneers, fans wanted to see Mike Evans and our humongous new TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins jump over cornerbacks for circus catches. Alas, it was not meant to be. What was hoped for quickly became a faded memory replaced with painful-to-watch offensive line play. Continue reading

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The First 100 Days of Lovie in 500 words or less

Critics have shredded the fluff piece that is The First 100 Days of Head Coach Lovie Smith quite thoroughly, so I’ll spare you (and writer Scott Smith) my opinion on the novella. What can be garnered from the 32,000-word article is an insight into the new regime and what can be expected of it in the short term. Fortunately for you, I have read the article for you so you do not have to and will summarize the high points in 500 words or less. Continue reading

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Training Camp Day 11

It appears that today is the last day of training camp before the Bucs get to hit people for real. The first preseason game, against the Jaguars, is scheduled for Friday at 7 pm est so Lovie has decided that today will be the last day of practice until Sunday.  For a good break down of the days practice click here.

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