[150] Playoffs, Luke Kuechly retires, rookies get recognized

We discuss the Bucs run game: where it can improve, BA’s scheme and what we can expect in the future. We talk the divisional round of playoffs. The Titans take the league by surprise, upsetting Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. They’ll meet the Chiefs in Arrowhead for the AFC Championship. The 49ers knock the Vikings out of contention. Green Bay beats out Seattle. Ralph and Molly discuss the detriments of a running quarterback. Luke Kuechly retires.

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[149] Ralph soapboxes and we talk divisional round of the playoffs

Ralph takes a moment to clarify last episodes comments on player behavior off the field. He gets up on his soapbox to discuss players as role models, and the media’s role reporting transgressions. We make our picks for this weekend’s playoff games – find out which game will give Molly the lead this week. Carson Palmer gives Bucs fans a glimpse into how Jameis Winston might perform next season should he come back to the team. Panthers new head coach Matt Rhule gives his introductory press conference. How does his early tenure compare to a coach in the Buccaneers’ past?

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[148] Coaching hires, playoffs and Buccaneers news

The offseason kicks off with Rakeen Nunez-Roches in hot water as his dog is found abandoned. Buccaneers sign players to futures contracts. The 2019 Buccaneers defense makes history. The Carolina Panthers end their coaching search by bringing on Matt Rhule. The team signed Rhule to a seven year, $60 million deal, which also includes up to $10 million incentives and a $6 million buyout of Rhule’s current contract with Baylor. We’ll begin to dive into what we might expect from Rhule’s regime, and Ralph crawls the internet TMZ-style for some bonus dirt on owner David Tepper. Plus, Jerry Jones manages to schmooze Mike McCarthy into becoming the Dallas Cowboys head coach. The New York Giants hire their third choice. Playoffs are upon us. Hear our thoughts on Wildcard Weekend.

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[147] Atlanta Falcons coaches film review

Jameis Winston’s pick six was without a doubt the death knell in our matchup against Atlanta. However, the Bucs defense failed to stop Atlanta’s offense before it even got to overtime. We dominated the Falcons most of the game, but crucial mistakes cost the Bucs a victory to close out the season. The offseason is now upon us and the drama has started already amongst none other than the Buccaneers media. John Lynch makes the finalist list of the Hall of Fame. We discuss coach firings across the league, what football fans can expect this offseason with free agency rules, and the Wildcard round of playoffs.

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[146] Week 17 ATL Instant Reaction

Boooo. The season is over. Winston ends the season on a pick 6 in overtime, as seems apropos. A lot of changes are coming and a big decision at quarterback looms. Hopefully, the coaching staff and team can stay together for consistency. This is a good team and entertaining to watch. Sad to see the season over but hopeful for what next year brings.

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[145] Houston Texans film review and Atlanta Falcons preview

We thought the refs were bad after watching the game against the Houston Texans, and were downright atrocious after a look at the coaches film. Jameis Winston’s ugly side reared its head, but so did the elite gunslinger. The Texans defense proved more formidable than we initially thought. Jason Licht deserves more credit than he gets for his tenure as General Manager. Buccaneers will play Atlanta for second in the division this week. We discuss what we’d like to see from Shaq Barrett in our upcoming matchup. Will Atlanta fight for Dan Quinn’s job? Bucs makes roster moves by swapping two from the practice squad and the active roster. Underrated player Lavonte David gets some national love. Will the Bucs defense get retribution for last week’s loss? Ralph predicts a blowout. We discuss the 2020 pool of free agent quarterbacks.

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[144] Houston Texans instant reaction

The fall to the Texans was a painful loss that will be remembered for the turnovers. but Bucs fan should be hopeful for the future. Bucs defense shows fierceness this game, holding Deshaun Watson and the seventh-overall offense to 184 yards passing and 68 yards rushing. JPP chalks up three sacks. Jameis Winston breaks another record, surpassing Dan Marino for second-most passing yards in the first five seasons. Winston is second to only Peyton Manning. Officials botch several calls this game that hurt the Bucs (surprise, there). The Bucs are nothing if not entertaining.

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[143] Houston Texans preview

The Buccaneers face a playoff-contending opponent in this Saturday’s game against the Houston Texans. Should the team continue to play as it has in the last several weeks, the Buccaneers could end the game with a victory. Doing so would hurt the Texans playoff prospects, as it fights for contention with Tennessee. The Buccaneers secondary continues to catch eyes. Mike Evans and Jordan Whitehead will end the season on injured reserve. Jameis Winston must excel with a backup receiving corps. The defense will need to contain Deshaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins.

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[142] Detroit Lions film review

Jameis Winston had another nearly-flawless showing this week against the Detroit Lions, convincing some fans he deserves a longer term contract than the anticipated franchise tag. The secondary performs up to Ralph’s hype and gloating ensues. William Gholston sees his snaps increase with the absence of Beau Allen and has a game ball worthy showing. Shaq Barrett, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin get Pro Bowl nods. Lavonte David is once again snubbed.

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[141] Detroit Lions Instant Reaction

Another victory for the Buccaneers! The offense got off to a hot start after Jameis Winston’s initial interception, and the Buccaneers defense stuffed the Lions for much of the first quarter. Detroit staged a near-comeback in the second half, triggering the PTSD of Bucs fans worldwide. But this is the new Bucs, and we don’t lost those games. A Sean Murphy-Bunting pick six was the final nail in the coffin. The Buccaneers defense, however, never took their foot off the throttle, with Lavonte David forcing a fumble the very next Lions offensive possession that was picked up by Devin White. Jameis Winston answered the debate of whether Mike Evans makes him look like a great passer – after losing Mike Evans, then Scotty Miller and Chris Godwin, Jameis still managed to have a record-shattering game. Hitting 11 different receivers all game, Jameis became the first player in NFL history to have two consecutive 450+ games. And he did it with a broken thumb and without his two stud receivers. Ryan Jensen sustains an injury and He. Gets. Angry.

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