TE Coach Embree: QB Coach Arroyo to call plays Sunday

The secrecy surrounding offensive playcalling in OC Jeff Tedford’s absence has finally ended: QB Coach Marcus Arroyo will be calling the plays from the sideline this Sunday.

“It’s been a collaborative effort really how Jeff had it set up and how Lovie had it set up from day 1,” TE Coach Jon Embree said. “We will continue to work like we have been. At the end of the day it will be Marcus sending the plays in. But whether it’s George Warhop our offensive line coach or [Running Backs Coach Tim] Spencer talking about the runs that they like, or [Wide Receiver Coach] Drew [Hayes-Stoker] or myself talking about different things in the passing situations we’ll get it all communicated and then Marcus, he’s been on the walkie talkie from the first day communicating to the quarterback so we’ll continue that process.”

As for questions about whether Arroyo will be on the field or in the booth, Embree was unequivocal that Arroyo was needed on the sideline.

“Marcus will still stay down on the field,” he said. “I think it’s important, obviously him and [QB] Josh [McCown (#12)] have a good relationship and so being able to talk with him on the field as he comes off in between series is still important.”

Tedford has not been left out of the loop due to his condition. According to Embree, Tedford has still be a part of the Buccaneers’ game planning process and has made himself available at the Buccaneers facility. He has also been able to watch film through the use of technology.

“He’s been in on a few of our meetings sitting in when we’ve been game planning,” Embree said. “We came in yesterday and he had some plays drawn up on the board for us to look at for redzone stuff so Jeff’s still been significantly involved.”

Tedford’s status is still unknown for Sunday, but the Buccaneers have prepared for all scenarios.

“He might be there. So we don’t know what’s going to happen as far as Sunday. We’re preparing for him to be there and for him to not be there. Ask me on Sunday and I’ll let you know what the answer ends up being,” Embree said.


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