Jameis Winston and The Quarterback Whisperer: Does the Buccaneer QB have what it takes to be a successful NFL quarterback?

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One of the things I love about Bruce Arians is that he’s an open book. Literally. I mean, the man wrote a freakin’ book. Typically, you get a new head coach that is all coach-speak and you spend hours watching film or reading between the lines of said coach-speak to really get a feel for their coaching style/philosophy. Not B.A. It’s all right there in black and white.

He’s been around the league and coached some of the best: Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck. He’s spent decades studying quarterbacks. For a short time, he was one. In fact, up until 2016 he held the record for single season rushing touchdowns by a quarterback at Virginia Tech – a record that Michael Vick was unable to overtake. In short: the man knows quarterbacks.

As I read all of about ten pages of The Quarterback Whisperer, and got to the point where B.A. outlines what he looks for in a quarterback, I wondered whether Jameis Winston had those characteristics. We know publicly B.A. has stated, unequivocally, Jameis Winston is our quarterback. But as Jameis enters the final year of his rookie contract, Bucs fans are left to ponder whether he’ll be added to the long list of quarterbacks that either crash and burn with the Bucs or move on to bigger and better things (there has been, in our experience, no in-between).

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[063] Gerald McCoy’s future gets murkier as JPP’s comes into question

Gerald McCoy’s message for fans rubs Molly the wrong way almost as much as the media’s persistent ass kissing. Jason Pierre-Paul’s car wreck appears more serious than the Bucs initially let on, putting his future with the team into question. Ronde Barber will be inducted into the Buccaneers Ring of Honor this fall.

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[062] Molly gives us some more insight into the new coaching staff

With the long train of coach press conferences last week, Molly and Ralph are still going through all of them so you don’t have to.

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[061] Dat culture change tho

Ralph digs up the winners of the 2018 draft and compares it to their actual performance (spoiler: it’s not good). Booger McFarland is moving on from the Booger cart to bigger and better things. We’ll complain about another Bucs beat reporter. In a change of pace, we contemplate the merits of the Bucs uniforms. Peyton Barber completes his degree. We get to know the robust Bucs staff this week as the assistants take the podium. Find out what Harold Goodwin thinks about the CBA, Pro Bowl voting, and what kind of leader Jameis is. Evan Smith becomes a translator. Plus, Goodie divulges why Kappa probably won’t be making a play for left tackle. Byron Leftwich asks for complete honesty from Jameis. Molly has an epiphany and contemplates what this vague “culture change” thing could mean.

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[060] It’s a post-draft hangover in Bucs land. We talk the Berlin Eagles, group projects, Gerald McCoy (of course), jersey numbers (and jerseys), and more.

It’s a slow news week following the NFL draft. The Bucs waive six players, including fan favorite Riley Bullough. The other players on the chopping block were P Hayden Hunt, K Phillip Andersen, DE Hunter Dimick, and DT Nick Thurman. We delve into Andersen’s former team, the Berlin Eagles, and touch on that other sport they call “futbol”. With Riley Bullough quickly finding a home at the Tennessee Titans, we posit whether the Buccaneers are a feeder team for the AFC team, and reminisce about other feeder leagues. Remember that XFL player nicknamed “He Hate Me”? Ralph does! With Devin White choosing No. 41 out of respect for Mike Alstott, Ralph divulges where the Bucs’ jerseys stand amongst the rest of the league. We postulate the methods used to design the Bucs uniforms, and reminisce about group projects. What will the offensive line be after George Warhop’s reign? Will Donovan Smith grow after the departure of the only NFL offensive line coach he’s ever known? G Earl Watford makes a statement on Twitter. Ralph examines the composition of the team before and after the draft, and reveals how it stacks up against the rest of the league. Plus, we’ll discuss the state of our defensive backs.

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[059] Moving on from the draft

The draft is over and we discuss the results as well as what is next. What does the draft tell us about how Arians’ is building the team? Who are going to be some of the major players both new and old? What is Arians’ record as a coach in the NFL and what does that tell us about his chances for taking the Buccaneers to the playoffs? This and more on the lastest edition of the Buccuneers Observer podcast.

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[058] A change is gonna come

Bruce Arians makes his second press conference of voluntary minicamp and accountability is ringing in our ears. Donovan Smith battles illness at home, while B.A. powers through. We discuss the leadership styles of JPP, Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy. Bruce Arians uses the media to send messages to his players, both good and bad. Plus, we’ll delve into the Devin White pick and why the move is less about talent and more about culture.

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[057] It’s a pre-draft podcast with special guest Greg Auman!

Voluntary minicamp began today, and Bruce Arians took the podium. What was his take on Jameis Winston? Gerald McCoy? Find out why everything you hear between now and Thursday is a lie. Speaking of the draft, Arians touches on his draft list and his approach to drafting need v. talent. A lifelong Bucs fan is announcing the team’s number 5 pick. Plus, Greg Auman joins us to educate us on this draft class. We discuss McCoy’s future with the team and the Tampa culture.

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[056] Know Your Enemy: Pre-draft edition

We visit our division opponents to discuss recent free agency moves, potential draft needs, current cap situations and more.

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[055] Hard road ahead

The NFL schedule is out and “we” we’re totally wrong to trust those Twitter leaks. We’ll discuss the Bucs’ actual season opener, the team with the best schedule release video, and the long stretch in store for the Bucs this season. See what reunions are in store for the 2019 season. In our fact check and follow ups, we’ll delve into the most famous Buccaneers fan and talk the shortest quarterback to win a ring. The NFL’s mandatory waiting period for uniform changes is up for Tampa. Earl Watford takes an interest in the fan base. JPP gets inspirational on Instagram – is it a message? In more somber news, we’ll discuss The Commish, Justin Pawlowski’s fall from grace.

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