[089] Carolina Panthers All or Nothing: Initial Thoughts

We give our thoughts on Amazon’s All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers (aka The Cam Newton Show). We talk Cam Newton’s silly outfits, the speeches, Luke Kuechly’s film study, Greg Olsen’s locker room rapport, and Christian McCaffrey’s genealogy. Is Mike Evans one of the best Buccaneers in history? Julio Jones shows Le’Veon Bell how you get a new contract. Devin White gets inked. Noah Spence trains with NFL great Chuck Smith. A mainstream site eyes Vita Vea. JoeBucsFan blows smoke. PewterReport covers OLB David Kenney, aka the Baby Wolf. Ralph analyzes the Bucs uniforms. Could they be to blame for the Buccaneers record? Jameis Winston gets buff. Devin White mourns the loss of Daisy Mae. Vincent Jackson continues giving back to the community. Season ticket holders get a surprise.

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[088] Is an 18-game season in the cards for the NFL?

Robert Ayers announces his retirement. Grady Jarrett becomes the third highest paid defensive tackle in the league. Jameis and Co. visits kids in hospital. MJ Stewart appears on Good Morning Football and organizes haircuts for kids. NFL owners pitch an 18-game season to the NFL Players Association. We discuss the details. What we learned from the Green Bay Packers’ financials. Ralph rewatches Todd Bowles’ defense and wakes up in the Twilight Zone.

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[087] The vegan experiment

There’s a growing number of vegans in the league. Molly went down the rabbit hole to determine whether an NFL player can succeed on the vegan diet. How long can Ralph go without mentioning Gerald McCoy? It’s a record! Setting the record straight with Ndamakong Suh. Scotty Miller gets engaged. Rojo packs on the pounds. Donovan Smith gives back. Richie Incognito gets suspended and the details are NUTS.

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[086] We are back, baby!

Down but not out! With our return, Molly and Ralph discuss Ryan Smith being suspended and whether we think he will even make the team now. How much kidney stones, birthing a baby, and food poisoning suck. But what doesn’t suck is the new Buccaneers! Ralph is positive that the Bucs are going to catch the league by surprise and goes on, what could be described as, an overzealous rant about it. Go Bucs!

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[085] Drinking and Rambling

Derrick Brooks is the man. Simple as that. Makes us proud to be Buccaneer fans. The new CBA is in talks and we give out thoughts. A good investment is buying a football team if you have a few billion dollars laying around. Molly and Ralph sit around and gab about this, that, and other stuff about the Bucs.

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[084] Meet the Glazers

It’s 69 days til kickoff 😉

Malcolm Glazer built an empire from the ground up. Molly profiles the family that runs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization. Jenna Laine breaks some news (kind of). With the signing of center Josh LeRibeus, we discuss the current state of the offensive line. We ponder the involvement of the head coach in selecting personnel. What were our worst Buccaneers eras in the last ten years? How will we know when Ralph is over the hill?

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[083] Slow news: Day 2

The football drought continues as we discuss Todd Bowles’ use of hybrid players and the role of Lavonte David. What is Tom Bassinger’s grudge against the Bucs organization? There’s malcontent across the pond as contingent of ManU fans seek to get rid of Glazers. Peyton Barber celebrates a birthday. What are the implications of this season? Ralph panics over the season opener.

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[082] Slow news

Chidi Ahanotu talks about Gerald McCoy, Buccaneers Junior Cheerleading program registration, Devin White was a 17 year old boy, and Buccaneer fans are ranked.

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[081] It’s a bad look, GMC

Gerald McCoy, or Gerald McClown if you look at what he was wearing and how he was acting, appears on Undisputed, whining about the lack of respect shown to him by the Buccaneers organization. We have a lot to talk about that. Plus, Chris Collinsworth’s homoerotic style, Bruce Arians’ interview with Rick Stroud (who impresses Molly with his Jon Gruden impersonation), our thoughts on the train wreck of the Raiders being on Hard Knocks, our jersey collections, why Ralph quit his job as a street sweeper in the 90s, and more.

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[080] Buccaneers Observer NFL Leadership Conference

What does a leader in a locker room look like? Many Bucs fans probably don’t remember, with the recent era encompassing the Kellen Winslows and Josh Freemans. Join us for the Buccaneers Observer NFL Leadership Conference, featuring Tom Brady, Von Miller, Peyton Manning, Luke Kuechly and Richard Sherman. Have we found leadership potential in Jameis Winston and Beau Allen? We find valuable insight in the Joe Bucs Fan comment sections. How hard did Jenna Laine journalism this week? We explore Bruce Arians’ mental games and discipline problems during his tenure at Arizona. Mike Evans restructures to create cap room. What is Bruce Arians doing with the secondary? A new theory. We argue the merits of Tony Romo, broadcaster v. Tony Romo, quarterback. The Bucs’ second favorite journeyman quarterback Josh McCown retires.

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