[130] Saints instant reaction: “Going down with this ship”

In the Bucs loss to the Saints, all hope was dashed for a Buccaneers far-stretched-but-still-mathematically-possible playoff run. Every unit on the team had a bad game: from the quarterback to the offensive line to the running backs to the receivers to defensive line and so on. Lackluster playcalling played a role, as well. The remainder of the season will be geared toward evaluating players to retain next season.

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[129] Week 11 Saints preview

Saints will be missing their starting left guard so Vea should feast. Mike Evans is sure to have a better showing than last time they met in week 5. Molly and Ralph give their predictions.

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[128] Arizona Cardinals coaches film review

Vernon Hargreaves’ lackluster performance Sunday appeared to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for Jason Licht and crew – the team announced his release today. Jameis Winston had one of his best games of the season against the Arizona Cardinals. While the Buccaneers made some crucial mistakes, it seems the Cardinals were more error-prone during this matchup. Is there any love lost between Bruce Arians and the refs? For once the Bucs benefit from referee incompetence as Jamel Dean got away with one on the last play of the game. Vita Vea appeared on offense and it was glorious. Shaq Barrett has offensive linemen shaking in their cleats. OJ Howard has a rough day blocking.

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[127] Victory against the Arizona Cardinals: An Instant Reaction

The Buccaneers earn a victory at home against Bruce Arians’ former team the Arizona Cardinals. Despite Jameis starting the game with a interception following a sack, the Bucs quarterback was able to rebound and played a solid game to lead us to victory. Vita Vea makes an appearance on the other side of the ball. Was Vernon Hargreaves benched? Kyler Murray surprises Molly with his speed and poise. However, he does throw his first interception in 212 passes. Jamel Dean redeems himself after a lackluster performance last week. Did he get away with one at the end of the game? Shaq Barrett records another sack, his 11.5 of the season.

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[126] Seahawks coaches film review

It was a nearly flawless showing for the Buccaneers offense. Unfortunately, our secondary, specifically Jamel Dean, was exposed by an efficient Seahawks offense. The Bucs’ defense overall looked flat. Has all the travel taken its toll? Despite the loss, there are reasons for optimism. We delve into some theories circulating on the cause(s) of the Bucs’ woes.

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[125] Seahawks instant reaction

While a loss, the game against Seattle was a competitive one. Our offense was competent, made few costly mistakes, and were able to put points on the board when we needed it. The Seahawks’ offense was efficient and proficient, picking on rookie Jamel Dean. Dean took Carlton Davis’ spot after an injury during warm-ups sidelined Davis. This loss was disappointing but ultimately came down to which team possessed the ball last. The teams met in overtime, and Seattle received the first kick and was able to drive down the field and score a touchdown.

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[124] Titans coaches film review & Seahawks preview

There was a lot to see in the coaches film in the Bucs’ loss to the Titans. Unlike prior weeks, the film showed a different picture than the initial broadcast. Jameis Winston continues to make the same mistakes he’s made his entire career, and it’s costing us games. We will never advocate for a player getting cut, and he remains the best quarterback we’ve ever had, but his inability to see the field and his tendency to get happy feet need to be addressed. The linebackers continue to give up big yardage when covering tight ends. The Seahawks are a beatable opponent, one whose number Bruce Arians has had in years past. Can he lead the team to victory once again? Is he the same coach he once was? Crowd noise will be a problem as the 12th man impacts the game.

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[123] Bucs lose to Titans: Instant reaction

In perhaps the most inconsistent game of the season, we saw the best of the Buccaneers and worst of the Buccaneers all in one game. Throwing two picks and fumbling the ball three times, Jameis Winston also managed to have several efficient, clean drives, driving down the offense the field and scoring in the last two minutes of the first half. Mike Evans totaled nearly 200 yards and two touchdowns. However, the offense was unable to clench the game in the final minute. The defense was equally inconsistent, managing to hold the Titans offense to just 246 yards but also giving up a 90 yard drive for a touchdown. The refs blow the whistle on a Devin White fumble recovery, which would have meant a Buccaneers score. JPP returns and makes his presence felt early.

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[122] Week 8 Titans preview

Ralph’s back and conducting the Buccaneers’ hype train. He’s analyzed and wracked his brain. Find out his thoughts on the current state of the Buccaneers. Plus, do we face the most boring team in the NFL this week? Molly breaks down our upcoming matchup against the Tennessee Titans.

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[121] Carolina Panthers coaches film review

The loss to the Panthers is still squarely on Jameis Winston. Bad decisions, bad passes, and scrambling unnecessarily were exacerbated by a poor showing in pass protection by the running backs. The wide receivers, exclusive of Chris Godwin, dropped too many passes. A lackluster performance by the Bucs offense combined with the game planning by the Panthers defensive coaching can be credited with the unit’s success. Buccaneers defense remains a bright spot.

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