[082] Slow news

Chidi Ahanotu talks about Gerald McCoy, Buccaneers Junior Cheerleading program registration, Devin White was a 17 year old boy, and Buccaneer fans are ranked.

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[081] It’s a bad look, GMC

Gerald McCoy, or Gerald McClown if you look at what he was wearing and how he was acting, appears on Undisputed, whining about the lack of respect shown to him by the Buccaneers organization. We have a lot to talk about that. Plus, Chris Collinsworth’s homoerotic style, Bruce Arians’ interview with Rick Stroud (who impresses Molly with his Jon Gruden impersonation), our thoughts on the train wreck of the Raiders being on Hard Knocks, our jersey collections, why Ralph quit his job as a street sweeper in the 90s, and more.

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[080] Buccaneers Observer NFL Leadership Conference

What does a leader in a locker room look like? Many Bucs fans probably don’t remember, with the recent era encompassing the Kellen Winslows and Josh Freemans. Join us for the Buccaneers Observer NFL Leadership Conference, featuring Tom Brady, Von Miller, Peyton Manning, Luke Kuechly and Richard Sherman. Have we found leadership potential in Jameis Winston and Beau Allen? We find valuable insight in the Joe Bucs Fan comment sections. How hard did Jenna Laine journalism this week? We explore Bruce Arians’ mental games and discipline problems during his tenure at Arizona. Mike Evans restructures to create cap room. What is Bruce Arians doing with the secondary? A new theory. We argue the merits of Tony Romo, broadcaster v. Tony Romo, quarterback. The Bucs’ second favorite journeyman quarterback Josh McCown retires.

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[079] ‘Confidence issues’

What really happened with Ronald Jones last season? On this week’s “What could go wrong?”, Ralph eyes a non-division foe. The Kellen Winslow Jr. saga continues to get weird. Plus, a special Ralph rant about holidays.

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[078] Picking the team: Defense

Yeah, there should be a description here but oh well. Not enough bear attack videos in Molly’s inbox.

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[077] Picking the roster: Offense edition

Pontificate with us as we peer into our crystal ball for the 2019 Buccaneers roster. Ralph goes over the franchise records held by Jameis Winston, a fearful addition to the “what could possibly go wrong with the 2019 Buccaneers”, and how many of the top 50 Buccaneers blown leads have happened in the past decade. Molly talks some Lo then gets drunk and falls asleep after the podcast, meaning Ralph gets to write the description. You had one job, Molly. Send all of your bear attack photos, stories, or videos to Molly at [email protected]

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[076] Football drought: Day 3

Ralph and Molly host group therapy as they discuss what keeps them up at night. Will Donovan Smith play to his contract? What if McCoy ruins our season? Is BA phoning it in? Will the injury bug strike again? Is jameis the Quarterback of the future? What the hell is a triangle? The veteran free agent that never was. Molly ponders the trials and tribulations of being a vegan. There’s beef between Suh’s agent and McCoy’s agent. Plus, Suh v. McCoy: press conference edition

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[075] The End Of OTAs

OTAs are done and so begins the football drought. In this episode we cover some ex-Bucs news including Javien Elliott, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, and soon to be convict Kellen Winslow Jr. A brief analysis is done of Kentrell Brice and what he might be bringing to the Buccaneers. There is some ranting about the whole Gerald McCoy issue which, believe it or not, has some new information. And this would not be a Buccaneers Observer podcast without a good screed concerning the media so stick around till the end to hear it.

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[074] Instant reaction: Gerald McCoy signs with the Panthers

The deed is done. McCoy is gone but lingers on. He has decided to sign with the Carolina Kittens in a move that could only be considered…confusing? Was it the money? A shot at the playoffs? Spite? Or something else. Molly and Ralph break it down in this instant reaction podcast and tell you what they think it means for McCoy and the Buccaneers this upcoming season.

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[073] OTAs end and our hopes are high

Bruce Arians is the winningest coach Tampa Bay has seen in a long time. We delve into his win-loss record and what he bring to the Buccaneers. Ndamukong Suh spoke at his introductory press conference, revealing what attracted him to Tampa Bay. We remember the impact of player injuries in the recent past. How will the current coaching staff mitigate the risk of injury? We fact check the media’s assertion that McCoy has gone through 10+ defensive line coaches. Ralph rants about Tom Bassinger. Noah Spence and Gerald McCoy work out together. Kicker Matt Gay ends OTAs two periods early.

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