[052] Offseason day #102: Looking to the future as we discuss preseason and regular season opponents, the draft and former Buccaneers

Former Buccaneer Adrian Clayborn returns home to the NFC South… with the Atlanta Falcons. Ralph and Molly speculate on when we’ll hear the verdict on Kendall Beckwith’s ankle. Jameis Winston’s weight gain might not be as serious as previously thought. We want to hear from you! Which is more appropriate for our “Quarterback Whisperer” discussion: Buccaneers Observer Book Club or the Podcast Whisperer? (Okay, typing that out I think I know the clear winner.) We talk predraft visits and Molly does some maths! Austin Sefarian-Jenkins: “That son of a bitch is going to win a Superbowl.” Does Chris Godwin have the emotional range of a pretzel (like yours truly) or is he just confused about his role on the offense? Ralph looks ahead to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in 2021 and reminisces about the good ol’ days before seat belts and color television. Are you #TeamJuJu or #TeamAB? We speculate on Jon Gruden’s choice as we remember Keyshawn Johnson. We look ahead to this season’s opponents and predict the Bucs 2019 record. Ralph laments the departure of his favorite cheerleader of years past and Molly adds to his gift idea list.

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How much of an impact has Gerald McCoy had? We delve into the only stats that matter: Wins and Losses

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It appears DT Gerald McCoy’s tenure with the Bucs is coming to a close. The fan base remains largely divided about his departure and his contributions to the team. His career with the Bucs has been successful on the individual level: he’s seen six Pro Bowls, reached the NFL Top 100 five years in a row, recorded 54.5 sacks over his career. He should be proud of his accomplishments. But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters in the NFL are the W’s, and they have been severely lacking in Tampa.

Our favorite Bucs podcaster Ian Beckles asked last week to see the numbers: Is the team better with or without McCoy? We have the answer: Yes and No.

From 2010-2018 the Bucs have played 144 games. Gerald McCoy has played in 123 of those games. That comes out to about 85% games played to 15% games missed. This does not count games he left during the game.

He has 54.5 sacks in 123 games = 1 sack every 2.26 games.

In games that Gerald McCoy has played in over his entire career with the Bucs, the team has gone 46-77 (37% win percentage).

In games that Gerald McCoy has NOT played in, the Bucs have gone 6-15 (29% win percentage).

That is an 8% advantage with McCoy.

This seems to indicate that the Bucs play better with McCoy. They have won 37% of the time when McCoy plays, but have only won 29% of the time when McCoy does not play.

However, the 2011 season greatly skews the stats. In 2011 the team went 3-3 with McCoy BUT 1-9 without him. Recall if you will, this is the final season of Raheem Morris’s regime when the team imploded on the plane to London. McCoy missed the final 10 games of the season that year with injuries.

Removing the 2011 season from the equation, the Bucs have gone 5-6 (45% win percentage) without McCoy while going 43-74 (37% win percentage) with him.

That is an 8% advantage NOT having McCoy.

From 2015-2018 the Bucs have gone 3-2 without McCoy (60% win percentage) while going 22-37 (37% win percentage) with him. So, in the past four years, the Bucs have increased their win percentage by 23% without McCoy.

Fans on both sides of the aisle will read into it what they will. Stats are funny like that. We will leave it to the reader to make their own determination about the efficacy of Gerald McCoy on the field.

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[051] Offseason day #98: Scraping the bottom of the barrel

This week in Tampa, Jameis treats Tampa youth to a preview of Shazam! This offseason is so boring, we’re trolling Instagram for fodder. Find out which NFL receiver Lavonte David made a lasting impression on. Gerald McCoy showcases his offseason effort on social media. The narrative surrounding Bucs handling of McCoy continues to spread. We ponder possible motivations for the organization’s public comments about McCoy. Ralph goes down the Vita Vea rabbit hole and discovers the position Vita played in high school (spoiler: it was on the offense). We contemplate the day in the life of a sports journalist and whether it includes film study. We expand our Christmas wish lists as we discuss our next Buccaneers jerseys. The numbers are out on Blaine Gabbert’s contract. Did we get a steal or overpay? Molly still can’t contain herself as she reads Bruce Arians’ book “The Quarterback Whisperer”. We discuss the choice between Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf as told by B.A. We’ll also talk the merits of a running quarterback and the longevity of Patrick Mahomes. A scathing article about the Green Bay Packers dissected the relationship between Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers. The draft is in less than a month and we’ll contemplate the impact of potential selections. Ralph selflessly sacrifices his Saturday to watch the entirety of the Buccaneers cheerleader finals just so you could stay up to date on the latest!

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[050] It’s our 50th episode and all Ralph got me was this podcast

Ralph catches up on the life and times of Ricky Williams. We recount Will Gholston’s fluctuating waist line and the man-handling the Buccaneers endured at the hands of Shaq Barrett in 2016. Our pirate angel Chris Conte, current free agent, represents the Bucs at a charity event. Roy Cummings and the Joes argue semantics this week. With the departure of Leonard Wester, we recall the performance of the offensive line under George Warhop. We debate the merits of tablets over books as Ralph and Molly take on Bruce Arians’ book, “The Quarterback Whisperer”. Dexter Jackson will announce the Buccaneers’ third round pick, and we ponder the best moment in the life of a football player. The Bucs make another free agent signing with DT Nick Thurman. Ralph and Molly experience amnesia as they discuss Hardknocks. Who is handsier: Mike Evans or Julio Jones? We discuss! Molly shops on Buccaneers.com and Ralph catches up on, you guessed it… the Buccaneers cheerleader tryouts!

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[049] Arians’ interview breakdown, Player press conferences, and more talk about McCoy

In this episode, we finally got to watch the Arian’s interview from the owners meeting in Arizona. We give our thoughts on it. Some players gave a press conference after the first day of voluntary workouts, we do some follow ups and fact checks, and there is discussion on the seemingly never ending saga of Gerald McCoy. Our audio got all screwy during recording and we were not able to re-record. Audio will be corrected for the next podcast.

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Shaquil Barrett coaches film 2017 week 1 vs Chargers all plays

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signing outside linebacker Shaquil Barrett I did some game film of him while he was at Denver. He was part of a monster linebacking crew at the Broncos having the likes of Von Miller and Bradley Chubb so he was used in a rotation basis, not seeing the field full time. 2017 was about his most active year which is why I chose this game. No particular reason why I chose week 1 against the Chargers. This is every play that Barrett was on the field, shown in sequence. Let me know in the comments what you think Barrett will bring to the Buccaneers defense and how he will be utilized.

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[048] Pre-OTA day

In this prepreseason update, we are nearly giddy with the start of OTA’s tomorrow. We contemplate Bruce Arians’ emphasis on special teams in the offseason, and his motivation for turning the music off during practices this season (is he sending a message to Donovan Smith?). Arians’ poker face may be better than we thought – PR reports Arians and Jason Licht talked up DeSean Jackson during the combine only as a way to boost his trade value and Jackson was never going to stay with the team. We recount examples of the Bucs’ losing culture and ponder whether the ping pong table may be the sacrificial lamb necessary to overcome it. In an interesting follow up, Ralph tracked down former first round pick Trent Richardson – Where is he now? Coming as a shock to no one, Brent Grimes remains unsigned as a 35-year-old free agent. In a correction from an earlier episode, Ralph delves back into Lavonte David’s pro bowl history. And, as if the Bucs weren’t already the Cardinals 2.0, Ralph relishes Cardinals color commentator Ron Wolfley. It wouldn’t be a Buccaneers Observer podcast without Ralph bringing up the cheerleaders, who are out there breaking barriers.

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[047] Molly and Ralph talk about Gerald McCoy, new rules, and other happenings with the Bucs and around the league

We kind of free flow with this one (not unlike we do most of the time). No set topics or big news but we cover some key things around the league and with the Bucs.

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[046] Look out! Ralph is on his soapbox. We talk Gerald McCoy’s fate, women in the NFL, Colin Kaepernick’s settlement, and some Bucs news.

The writing is on the wall about Gerald McCoy’s future with the Buccaneers and many fans aren’t going to like it. Plus, the Bucs are making a free agent move this week. The NFL coaches meeting is this week, and rule changes are abound. We discuss the first passed this week. We’ve also got a sneak peek on what Cam Newton is doing this offseason!

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[045] Ralph and Molly are back at it with yet another offseason update

Are you as ready for football season as we are?? Join us while we kill some time talking our new coaches, new acquisitions, and the Kardashians (yes, for real). While we’re at it, we’ll butcher some names! Only 132 days until preseason….

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