Buccaneers news in 2 minutes for February 6, 2015

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Buccaneers news in 2 minutes for January 26th, 2015

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[2014] Week 12 [preview] Bucs @ Bears

If there is any game Head Coach Lovie Smith has been eyeballing since the schedule was released last spring, it is this week’s matchup against his former Chicago Bears. Under new Head Coach Marc Trestman the Bears have gone away from defense and emphasized their offense. It is not going so well for them, having been blown out in two of their last three games. Buccaneers fans have a reason to be optimistic in a season that has left little room for hope. Continue reading

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[2014] Week 11 [analysis] Bucs @ Redskins

I am going to be up front here and say that I think the Redskins lost this game more than we won it. But we still played a good game. I am not trying to take anything away from what our team did but I in no way think we could have performed this well against a good team. We played well against a bad team.

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[2014] Week 11 [preview] Bucs @ Redskins

It seems the Redskins have been the Buccaneers football doppelganger the last few years. Both are like that ex that used to love to bring you up just to let you down… repeatedly. It was fun for them. This season has not been any different. Both teams brought in guru head coaches to turn things around, have been playing quarterback carousel and are below .500. Because of both teams’ bad records for the last ten years and the way the NFL schedules games, we have matched up against each other 10 times in the last 14 seasons (including this year). At present, the Buccaneers are on top with five wins to the Redskins’ four. Matchup #10 could even it up. Despite the Redskins quarterback issues, they are much improved from the 2013 team. Continue reading

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[2014] Week 10 [preview] Falcons @ Bucs

As the Buccaneers season garners disappointment after disappointment, this matchup could not be more dreaded. On the one hand, maybe the Buccaneers have a chance at redemption against the Falcons, who blew out the Buccaneers week 3 on national television. On the other hand, that game was the stuff nightmares are made of. The chance that we will be blown out in a similar fashion is very real. However, the Falcons have lost every game since week 3 and no longer seem as infallible as they once were. Continue reading

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[2014] Week 9 [preview] Bucs @ Browns

The Buccaneers have continued to disappoint this season. With a tough schedule from hereon out, it seems winnable games are getting fewer and farther between. The matchup against Cleveland may be one of the Buccaneers last chances at anything better than a 1-13 season. We can win. Here’s how: Continue reading

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Anthony Becht’s Film Session: Week 8

This is a pretty good breakdown of some plays and players by one of our ex tight Ends, Anthony Brecht. There are two plays that I had specifically targeted this week in the analysis of the game too. That TD pass by Glennon to AJS was beautiful and one of the few misdirection plays we ran all day. I was scared when he threw the ball because the defense did not bite on the fake or the look off but AJS made a spectacular catch in traffic. The plays by Lavonte David (#54) are just damn good football. He is simply one of the best footballers I have ever watched. Check out the vide and lets give some love to the Buccaneers new youtube channel.

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[2014] Week 8 [preview] Vikings @ Bucs

The Buccaneers match up against Minnesota Vikings this week, a seemingly beatable opponent. Overall the Vikings are a very average team this season. Hopefully the bye week rejuvenated the team and the Buccaneers end this week 2-5. Continue reading

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Mums the word when it comes to Tampa’s quarterback situation

It appears when Head Coach Lovie Smith said he would discuss the quarterback situation on Wednesday, what he meant was he would mention that yes, indeed, Tampa Bay does have at least one quarterback but fans would still be in the dark as to who is starting this Sunday against the Vikings until further notice.

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