[071] Ralph gives the media a thrashing, Suh News, and OTAs day 7

Standing tall on his soap box, Ralph lays down the gauntlet concerning media figures who are twisting reality to create a narrative against the Buccaneers. Suh News includes an engagement, architectural admiration, Molly imagining big guys playing tennis, and what Arians thinks about Suh’s presence on the team. The NFL has made some TV changes. Robert Aguayo cries a lot. Bucs media figures cat fight. Mike Florio attempts to make the Buccaneers look like real life pillagers.

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[070] The Bucs just got a little bit nastier

Buccaneers reach a deal with Ndamukong Suh. We ponder what the Bucs defense will look like with this addition and the impact he could have on Vita Vea. Ralph admits he was wrong and Molly was right. We touch on Suh’s dirtiest plays and Molly tells us how she really feels about Aaron Rodgers. The Bucs defensive communication improves. Will Gholston puts on some weight. You’d be surprised how much agents can make. Ex-players Ronde Barber and Booger McFarland make an appearance at OTAs. The 2020 Combine makes its way to prime time and it brings Molly back to the Presidential Fitness Test. Oklahoma drills phase out.

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Film clips of Gerald McCoy getting pushed around

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[069] The Buccaneers are moving on and it’s glorious

The Buccaneers found a rebound in Ndamukong Suh, whose signing is reportedly imminent. Is it a slap in the face to Gerald McCoy? Bucs fans are divided and turn on each other. Can’t we all just get along? We reminisce about our favorite free agent acquisitions. Ralph stalks Carmen Vitaaali and takes stock of the Bucs’ front office. BA brings on old-timer Tom Moore as a consultant through training camp. Bucs acquire Bowles draftee TE Jordan Leggett off waivers. Kicker Matt Gay’s kick heard ’round the Buccaneers facility. Mike Evans and wife Ashli make a charitable contribution. Kellen Winslow Jr. finds himself in court. Mental health clinicians will make appearances around the league. Coach’s kid Vernon Hargreaves says there’s no hard feelings between him and BA.

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[068] Instant reaction to the release of DT Gerald McCoy

Trigger warning: we spill our true thoughts on Gerald McCoy’s time in Tampa Bay. You probably won’t like it if you are a Gerald McCoy fan.

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[067] Latest Bucs news of the week

Ralph and Molly discuss the passing of Steve “Big Dog” Duemig, the latest roster moves (along with the strange case of the bouncing Freddi Martino), Patrick Peterson busted, Carmen Vitali’s summation of the OTAs, Greg Spires arrested for stalking, and Molly gives her prediction for the end of Game of Thrones.

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[066] BA: I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed, VH3.

The first day of OTAs brought some drama to One Buc Place. Vernon Hargreaves sits out and BA takes to the media to send him a message. The first of many public floggings, we’re certain. Was BA sending Gerald McCoy a message from the owner’s meeting in Arizona? Did McCoy fail the test? Molly ponders. Vita Vea catches Carmen Vitali’s eye. Beau Allen emerges as leader amongst the defensive linemen. Jameis Winston second pass of practice gets picked off by none other than Devin White. Players present at OTAs but not participating: Demar Dotson, Justin Evans, Cameron Brate, Jack Cichy, Evan Smith. Draft picks Sean Bunting-Murphy and Jamel Dean practice with the first teams. Robert Mathis protege David Kenney stands out as potential diamond in the rough – see Greg Auman’s latest piece on the break-out tryout player. Defensive line coach Kacy Rodgers receives some unexpected praise from Bucs’ media. Deone Bucannon and MJ Stewart’s interesting position designations. Bruce Arians comments on adjustments defensive backs must make from college to the NFL. Buccaneers release Isaiah Seawright, Malik Taylor, Israel Helms, Kerwynn Williams.

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[065] Rookie minicamp

Bruce Arians liked what he saw at rookie minicamp and ended it one day early. Players that will be back for Tuesday’s OTAs include OLB David Kenney, S D’cota Dixon, WR Spencer Schnell, OT Riley Mayfield, G Zach Bailey, T Brock Ruble, LB Dare Odeyingbo, CB Jalen Allison. Gerald McCoy makes cryptic public comments, and Ralph contemplated whether his IG video was targeted. We finally got an answer on Kendall Beckwith and it’s what we all feared. Sixth round pick WR Scotty Miller has some notable comparisons, including DeSean Jackson and John Brown. Jason Pierre-Paul will not undergo surgery and we get a timetable for his possible return. Is it enough time for him to be ready? We debate. Ralph and Molly reminisce about fashion in the year Devin White was born. Plus, a tidbit from Devin White’s press conference that furthers the theme from the assistant press conferences. Molly contemplates Buccaneers’ personnel that have overcome obstacles.

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[064] Suh vs. McCoy, rookie mini-camp, psychological soap box about Buccaneers culture, and more

Some rookies have been signed, but not all, and now it is time for them to shine at this weekend’s rookie mini-camp. According to the stats, is Suh better than McCoy? Ralph breaks out his soap box and “Ouija Board Theory” to explain why seeing the positives with the Bucs is better than looking for blame. Molly slogs through some more coach interviews, and applies the Bright Spots Theory to the Buccaneers. Ralph debunks the notion that we have a hole at right guard. Jameis Winston decides that his head is not that important and is best used for party tricks. Devin White surprises everyone with a number change. Find out which reporter has been covering the Bucs since Molly was in diapers.

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Jameis Winston and The Quarterback Whisperer: Does the Buccaneer QB have what it takes to be a successful NFL quarterback?

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One of the things I love about Bruce Arians is that he’s an open book. Literally. I mean, the man wrote a freakin’ book. Typically, you get a new head coach that is all coach-speak and you spend hours watching film or reading between the lines of said coach-speak to really get a feel for their coaching style/philosophy. Not B.A. It’s all right there in black and white.

He’s been around the league and coached some of the best: Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck. He’s spent decades studying quarterbacks. For a short time, he was one. In fact, up until 2016 he held the record for single season rushing touchdowns by a quarterback at Virginia Tech – a record that Michael Vick was unable to overtake. In short: the man knows quarterbacks.

As I read all of about ten pages of The Quarterback Whisperer, and got to the point where B.A. outlines what he looks for in a quarterback, I wondered whether Jameis Winston had those characteristics. We know publicly B.A. has stated, unequivocally, Jameis Winston is our quarterback. But as Jameis enters the final year of his rookie contract, Bucs fans are left to ponder whether he’ll be added to the long list of quarterbacks that either crash and burn with the Bucs or move on to bigger and better things (there has been, in our experience, no in-between).

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