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Preseason matters

As the owners of the NFL lobby for an 18-game season, thereby eliminating two preseason games, the question has once again emerged: Does preseason really matter? Detractors say no; preseason games are ugly, sloppy, increase the risk of injury, don’t … Continue reading

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Bucs at Dallas: Preseason Week 4 preview

Embed from Getty Images The regular season is just around the corner. The only thing standing in the way of real, actual football is the Bucs Week 4 matchup against Dallas. The Buccaneers travel to Dallas, where contract disputes and … Continue reading

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[102] Browns at Bucs Game Review

Ralph’s watched the film. Hear his verdict. We discuss the offensive line performance (was it offensive?), the defense, pleasant preseason surprises and the underwhelming. Plus, Andrew Luck retires, Mike Evans is Molly’s favorite person, and more.

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Preseason Week 3 Preview: Bucs face Browns

Embed from Getty Images The Buccaneers Week 3 matchup against the Browns remains the most highly anticipated game of our preseason. We’ll get to see the starters for an extended period, although for how long is still TBD. We have … Continue reading

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[100] It’s our 100th episode. What’d you get us?

We review the week 2 victory against the Dolphins. Ralph talks surprises in David Kenney and Mazzi Wilkins. Bucs linebackers shine this week, especially Minter, Bond and Harris. Ralph does a 180 on Ryan Griffin. Andre Ellington drops in favor … Continue reading

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[099] Dolphins preseason week 2 preview

The Buccaneers match up against the Miami Dolphins after two days of joint practice. Controversies abound in the Dolphins’ organization. Warren Sapp weighs in on Gerald McCoy’s comments. Plus, Sapp’s high praise for Todd Bowles. Bucs bring in WR Emanuel … Continue reading

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[098] Steelers, Dolphins, and roster moves

We eat a little crow on our initial analysis of the Steelers game. Ryan Griffin and our defensive line depth may have been better than we initially gave the guys credit for. The Dolphins join the Buccaneers at camp this … Continue reading

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In Bruce we trust: Tampa’s winningest coach

Embed from Getty Images Bucs fans everywhere rejoiced when the team acquired Bruce Arians as its new head coach. I’ve never seen optimism this high in my ten years as a fan. I’ve never felt this much optimism myself. However, … Continue reading

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[097] Bucs @ Steelers preseason week 1 review

Preseason Week 1 at the Pittsburgh Steelers was characterized by penalties, penalties, penalties. The youngry secondary was a no-show. First team offense moved down the field efficiently. Evan Smith has a terrible game. We question how Ryan Griffin has a … Continue reading

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[096] They’ll be wiping their tears with their terrible towels

Preseason is upon us! Molly breaks down the upcoming matchup against the Steelers. What’s Bruce Arians expecting out of this game? Who are the Steelers watching on their squad? What players will we be watching? Plus, Bucs announce country superstar … Continue reading

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